Rally dell’Umbria 2020 is delayed

The Covid-19 epidemic has produced a disaster in Italy: as you may have seen from the news, the whole nation is shut-down: the shops are closed and citizens are not allowed to leave their homes without a permit.
The extreme measures announced from the Italian Government are up to now valid until 4th of April, but appears obvious that getting normality back will take a longer time.

Moto Club Umbria, as all the collective and secondary activities, it’s been advised to suspend all activities: Rally dell’Umbria is delayed.

At the moment, is impossible for us to relate at public administrations to fix a date: we will give you informations, as soon as we will get to them, on the new date of Rally dell’Umbria and on eventual refunds, that can’t start before 4th of April, when we hope the banks will open again and we will be allowed to leave home.

We are really sorry, you are welcome to contact us at info@motoclubumbria.com

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