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Anàbasi 300 - 15th edition

28 February to 2 March 2025

The 'magic formula' that has decreed the success of this event does not change: a total of around 300/320 kilometres in three daily stages, to fully rediscover the taste of real rally navigation, through a road-book that is, as always, painstakingly edited, hand-drawn note by note with the 'hundred-metre' partials.

This is to amplify the concept of 'navigation' to the maximum, focusing on each individual note: in practice, the fun and satisfaction is all for the driver, not for 'the machine'.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to be simply content with wonderful, wide-ranging rides around the most hidden and enchanted places of the Umbria, there is no problem: just tag along with other friends.

Our advice, however, is to try to navigate, even with a very simple hand-held road-book holder and the bike's standard instrumentation.

After a while, you will realise why all 'surfers' enjoy it so much and consider it an indispensable enjoyment. Perhaps it would also be unnecessary to point out that there is no better school for learning!


Anàbasi 300 entries #15
will open on Sunday 1 December 2024 at 7 a.m.

We remain at your disposal for any information on

the number is reached!

Every year Moto Club Umbria feels sorry for the many who would have liked to but were unable to sign up... every year some sign-up is forced to give up, to be unable to participate, and for this reason we open a sort of 'waiting list', through which we will gradually inform those who were unable to sign up immediately about the availability of places 'left vacant'. this is not a promise, but if you want, leave us an email address to be contacted!

Hotel Restaurant 'da Elio

The base of the Anàbasi 300 will, as always, be theHotel restaurant 'da Elio"Via Osteria 81, Piegaro (PG).

Just in front of the restaurant there is a (free) parking area for campers and vans.


The required range is at least 75 km. It is advisable to bring €5 and €10 banknotes as we cannot guarantee that all ATMs will accept them.

The route of the Anàbasi 300 days should not be taken lightly: an average of 30 km/h (6 hours for 180 km) is recommended. In particular, as in all rallies, it is a good idea to 'pick up the pace', i.e. not to lose time and stop too often.

Also regarding the route, there are some easier variants and also the possibility of drastically cutting part of the tour, to facilitate/favour the presence of those who want to take it a bit easier. As we are wont to say, 'we are not at war, we are here to have fun and that does not necessarily mean exhaustion'. 

The refreshments/meals will be one at just over two-thirds of Saturday's ride, and one at the finish of Sunday's ride. In practice they can act as lunch, albeit slightly delayed.

Tyres: specialised enduro tyres (competition enduros) are necessary, definitely not 'road' enduros, even the more 'off-road' ones such as MT21, T63 or similar. Much of the route is stony, so, if not mousse, at least thick inner tubes and a pressure of at least 1.1/1.3 atm are strongly recommended; there is always time to deflate.

Questions & Answers!

The 15th edition of Anàbasi 300 will take place from 28 February to 2 March 2025, as always in Piegaro (PG)

It is a word from ancient Greek, meaning 'to go inwards, to explore'.

This is what Xenophon, a writer from the 4th century BC, called his account of a famous expedition of Greek soldiers who crossed the whole of Asia Minor to try to finally return home. It was no walk in the park, and later the word 'anàbasi' was also used to describe a long and arduous undertaking.

In 2007, as Moto Club Umbria, we invented a new concept of rallying, going back to what were the origins of regularity: that is, a route to be completed on a motorbike while respecting the times dictated by the C.O. (time controls). The Anàbasi 1000, this was its name, involved 1000 km in three days (400+400+200) in a progression of difficulty. It was a challenge to oneself, to see if one would be able to complete such a tiring course, not only physically, but also mentally, to orient oneself with the RB (road book), absolutely not a speed race, but a marathon of endurance.

It did not end so well, I seem to remember.

Not at all. A grotesque episode, as well as absurd.

As the Justice of the Peace wrote in the judgement that completely exonerated us from any guilt, it would have been quite sufficient to telephone the day before to ask us to check our documentation, not to carry out such a 'grandstanding' operation that cost the community a lot of money, as well as the cancellation of all our organisational work. Since they were not satisfied with the first instance, which, as said, cleared us of all responsibility, they wanted to appeal. Well, the second instance, a story from November 2012, also confirmed that we were right and the judgment is now final.

Of course, by then the damage had been done.

No: the objective is a different one.

It is the whole style that is different: in the first case it was an almost extreme endurance test, in this case however any enduro and rally enthusiast with a minimum of experience will be able to complete it.

L'Anàbasi 300, whose first edition was held in June 2013 in Pietralunga, includes three days for a total of about 300 km, hence the name 300, is more off-road, with a route suitable for all types of motorbikes.

The second edition of the Anàbasi 300 took place on 28 February/1 March 2015 with the starting base in Piegaro, the same starting base and date (end of February) were confirmed for 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019and for theAnàbasi 300 2020.

The time of year, in which it is not unlikely to encounter mud or less than idyllic weather conditions, also characterises the 300 as more challenging; the routes are rally-like, not particularly challenging, but not completely easy either.

L'Anàbasi Boòn ('of the cows') was instead designed mainly for two-cylinder or otherwise heavy motorbikes, with routes designed and suitable mainly for so-called 'non-specialist' enduros.

The 2013 edition took place on 28 and 29 September in Massa Martana, in 2014 on 7 and 8 June, again with a base in Massa Martana, in 2015 the Anàbasi Boòn took place on 13 and 14 June with a base in Pietralunga, and finally in 2016 the return to Massa Martana on 4 and 5 June. The 2016 edition was characterised by the amalgamation with the Mucche dell'Appennino (night race) and the Toro dell'Appennino (the final 'extreme').

From the experience with the Umbria Raid TT Rally (2000-2005), the first Anàbasi 1000 in 2007 and the Anàbasi 300 and Boòn from 2013 to the present day, the Rally of the Umbria: which in its first re-edition (2018) was a huge success and will also be held in the 2021: from 6 to 8 August an adventure of around 800 km on a scenic and spectacular route that is also suitable for dual motorbikes, maxienduros and 'oldies': three 'daisy-chain' stages with start and finish in the historic centre of Perugia.

The absence of special stages or other discriminating factors: our intention is to recreate the atmosphere of early rallies, when navigation was fun, not a way of trying to 'cheat' participants. You don't have to go fast, obsessing about time controls, just 'keeping up', enjoying driving in some of the most beautiful areas of Italy and checking where you are going with the RB. There is no race, no discrimination or special tests. A motorbike, a rider and a road-book marking the route: that's all you need to have fun!

Just to rediscover the taste of navigation, concentrating on drawing notes and other RB indications. Once again: it is fun, not a race. If you make a mistake, you go back and get back on the right track, you don't lose the race, as on other occasions. Then even those who do not have the expensive equipment necessary for rallies can participate without too much trouble. Of course, it takes a little more effort and good will, but you can attach the RB to the handlebars and follow the mileage on the normal standard instrumentation of your bike, even if it may not be as accurate. to make the task easier for those who do not have professional trip masters, there are in fact rather frequent resets (every 30/40 km or so).

No, the Moto Club Umbria has always been fond of the paper road-book, of its 'romantic' nature.
Anàbasi 300 is dedicated to those who share this vision: that is why we will not provide GPS tracks or electronic road-book files.

Of course you can participate! Many first-time participants approach the world of navigation by following a friend with a road-rook.
But you can also come alone, without any equipment: the atmosphere is goliardic and friendly and many friendships are born on the Anàbasi 300 tracks.

Exactly! Trying an event like this, trying to find your own way with the RB is perhaps the best school you can do.

What those who have never raced a rally cannot and will never understand is that navigation is based on certain criteria that are not even easy to explain theoretically. It is not just about giving directions to send people from one side to the other: then arrows or a GPS would suffice. It's about giving a person the tool to make a route and making them enjoy discovering how to do it themselves. The great pleasure is that: discovering the route yourself! That's why we wanted to remove any competitive component from our event: it's a ride, not a race

The choice is left to each participant; you can start alone, in pairs with a friend, or together with your team. As there are no time controls, the start only serves to stagger the participants.

Anàbasi 300 is a popular event and usually our participants do everything they can not to miss it, but... it can happen that they cannot attend.

Refund of the registration fee (-€30 for membership and secretarial costs) is possible until 14 February 2025 

You can register via this website using the online form and pay the registration fee (€250.00) via PayPal or by attaching the bank transfer slip.

Registrations open on 1 December 2023: in the last four years they have closed on the same day due to reaching the maximum number of participants.

The registration fee is € 220.00 and always includes the printed Road-Book (to be returned at the end of the event) for the three stages, a souvenir T-shirt, number plates, assistance along the route, mid-day refreshments/meals, dinner on Saturday evening and a gift pack containing some of the wonderful local products.

Overnight accommodation is not included, a list of accommodation in the area will always be published on our website. Everyone is free to organise themselves as they wish, an area is always provided for campers and tents.

Friday arrival, preliminary operations, briefing and handing over of the road books, then the start of the first stage is scheduled for around 14.00 hours.

On Saturday, the start is scheduled for 8.30/9.00 a.m., after a short information briefing. Dinner, at the central venue, around 8.30 p.m.

On Sunday, the tour will be shorter, to allow people to return home at non-extreme hours, after the snack at the finish and the prize-giving ceremony, of course.

While speaking of 'rankings' is improper, yes, they are all about passion pure and simple. During the Saturday evening the most beautiful motorbike, the more historical and the more specialdecided by vote among those present.

Yes: four-member teams, which may be formed by members of the same Moto Club, of the same forum, who have identical motorbikes, or for any possible intention of aggregation between the four members. Offensive or vulgar names will only be forbidden. Basically, the team ranking is given by the sum of the stamp controls of the team members, with possible discrimination on how many of them ride RB and what kind of bikes they have.

You do not need a racing licence, but you do need the UISP membership card type A.

If you are not already a member of a UISP motorbike club, the Moto Club Umbria also includes it in the registration for all its events in 2024. 

That's right: they are updated quite frequently...

Certainly, both along the Anàbasi routes, and using other of the many road-books of previous events organised by the Moto Club Umbria: just contact us and we can certainly come to an agreement!

Anàbasi is organised for enthusiasts by enthusiasts, the maximum number of participants is limited, they do not want to gather huge numbers, so that everything can remain at the level of human contact, so that new friendships can be made, so that fun can be had, without anxiety or hassle.

All publicity is left to 'word of mouth', to enthusiasts talking to other enthusiasts about the event.

We Moto Club Umbria feel rich when we have an extra friend.