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The 20-year history of Moto Club Umbria is based on the solidity of a working group that has always included new figures without ever really changing its core, nor the founding principles behind it.

our events

Anàbasi 300

15th edition

Piegaro (PG) 28 February to 2 March 2025

Anàbasi 300 is the event that invented the 'rally without a stopwatch' formula.
The 'magic formula' that has decreed the success of this event does not change: a total of around 300/320 kilometres in three daily stages, to fully rediscover the taste of real rally navigation, through a road-book that is, as always, painstakingly edited, hand-drawn note by note with the 'hundred-metre' partials.

Rally dell'Umbria

Perugia - 1 to 4 May 2025

Rallying the Umbria is great adventuring, 13 editions held are proof of that.
Dedicated to non-specialist off-road motorbikes, it is structured in three daily stages for a total of about 800 km, starting from the extraordinary setting of Perugia's historic centre and travelling along the most beautiful and lesser-known natural routes in Umbria.


the academy of navigation

Do you want to learn how to use rally equipment, navigate a road-book and thoroughly interpret the terrain?
Who better than the Moto Club Umbria, whose staff have been organising, participating in and collaborating on navigation-based events for years!

Surfing with Android

complete instrumentation for rallying

Take full advantage of the Android system to obtain an effective and versatile tool for everything you need to navigate a rally (and do much more)

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